LickiMat Buddy™ Small

LickiMat Buddy™ Small by Hyper-Pet

Does your pet get anxious when you aren’t around? Do they often get cases of the “zoomies” when they’re indoors? Are you just looking for a new way to entertain your pet? The LickiMat by Hyper Pet is here to help! Just spread your pet’s favorite wet food or treat over the grooved surface, and they’ll do the rest. To them, getting every last bit of food from the nooks and crannies is a tasty game. To you, it’s the ultimate Boredom Buster for your pets! The licking motion has a natural calming effect, and the raised surface not only makes the LickiMat fun, but also acts as a slow feeder!

Measures 8” x 8”. Ideal for small and medium dogs. Hand wash only. Microwave and freezer safe.


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